Kit-Kuma Studios, LLC
Kit-Kuma Studios, LLC

Our Equipment

We are fortunate to have begun our photography journey with some excellent tools. Most of our work is shot on Nikon cameras - D60, D5100, D600, D610 - and recently, quite a bit on the Fuji mirrorless platform - X100T, XT1, and XPro2.

We have also experimented a little with the original Lytro light-field camera, but when we are not swimming in digital excess, we have enjoyed the mechanical simplicity of film, shooting medium format (120 film) on a beautiful Voigtlander Perkeo II and a pair of restored Yashika MAT 124 G TLR cameras.

Travelling with lots of equipment can be difficult and so we are glad to use the Sirui carbon-fiber tripod system and ball-heads for their compact and lightweight profile as well as stable shooting platform.

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